Volume 7 Number 6, June 2017


Current Issue

Volume 7 Number 6

June 2017


  • The balance of power
  • Britain’s energy supply is undergoing a revolution: for the first time since 1880, electricity production was coal-free for 24 hours.

  • Identifying authors
  • A requirement for unique author identifiers will enable clearer tracking of scientific contributions.



  • A road map for global environmental assessments
  • Increasing demand for solution-oriented environmental assessments brings significant opportunities and challenges at the science–policy–society interface. Solution-oriented assessments should enable inclusive deliberative learning processes about policy alternatives and their practical consequences.

    Martin Kowarsch, Jason Jabbour, Christian Flachsland, Marcel T. J. Kok, Robert Watson

  • Emerging clean energy technology investment trends
  • Early-stage capital providers and clean energy technology incubators are supporting a new wave of innovations focused on end-use efficiency and demand control. This wave complements expanding investments in supply technologies required for electricity sector decarbonization.

    A. Bumpus, S. Comello


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